• Torque Multiplier's....Say no more to bending breaker bars removing wheel nuts.

Torque Multiplier's....Say no more to bending breaker bars removing wheel nuts.

Overtightened wheel nuts are a massive problem in todays world. Costing you and your business money.

Truck wheel nuts should alway be cleaned, lubricated and torqued on to the manufacturers specification when being reapplied to the vehicle. Unfortunately this process takes time and costs money to do correctly. So 99% of the time it just does not get done. Tire shop, mechanical workshops and even home mechanics just grab the biggest rattle gun or breaker bar  they own and do em up as tight as they possibly can. I mean who want to risk a wheel falling off and being liable for the consequences. No one does......

So how does this cost your business money you ask??? Well picture this....

You are fully loaded on your way to newcastle with a truck full of ice cream and have just blown a tire on the m1 motorway. You are standing there with your 1 metre breaker bar trying to remove your wheel nuts but they wont even budge. Your delivery needs to be there before close of business and your sitting stranded on the side of the motorway.

So what are your options?

1) Call for roadside assistance.... this could take hours and cost hundreds of dollars
2) Organise another truck to complete delivery for you? costing more money & time
3) Eat some ice cream before they all melt........ possibly losing a valuable contract
4) Purchase a wheel nut torque mutiplier.....problem solved!

What is a Torque multiplier you ask?

A torque multiplier  is a specialist tool designed for easy, effortless removal of truck wheel nuts. It works buy utilising a  high reduction gearbox  with a ratio of 1:58. This intern  provides you with approximately 4500-5000nm of torque to crack that stubborn wheel nut. Eliminating the need for a rattle gun or breaker bar.

I Know Parts carry two different versions of these kits depending on your trucks wheel nut size. At $65.50 + gst these are a great investment for your trucks tool kit to prevent unnecessary time off the road. Click on the links below to purchase your kit today

Click Here --> 41/21mm wheel nut kit suits most light rigid & medium rigid trucks

Click Here --> 32/33mm wheel nut kit suits most heavy rigid trucks

If you are unsure what size wheel nuts your vehicle takes give us a call on 0296813211 and we will assist you in selecting the correct kit for your vehicle

Till next time happy trucking!!!